pusat penjualan dan distributor serta jual murah PAKET solar cell 20 wp

Specification :

Maximum Power ( Pmax) 80W.

Type Cell Monocrystalline.
Voltage at Pmax ( Vmp) 17.93V
Current at Pmax ( Imp) 4.46A

Short circuit current ( Isc) 4.84A
Open circuit voltage ( Voc) 21.82V
Maximum system voltage 1000V
Number of cells 36 cells
Dimensions + -( mm) 1197 x 535 x 48
Weight ( kg) 9.5

Directly converts solar energy into electric energy, High_effecient cellscontruction, High Alpari transmissivity low-iron 3mm toughened glass, Robust and corrosion resisstant, Light anodized alumunium

Harga unit modul :
Pembelian 1 s/d 10 unit = @Rp.1.925.000,-
Pembelian 11 s/d 25 unit = @Rp.1.875.000,-
Pembelian 26 s/d 50 unit = @Rp.1.825.000,-
Pembelian diatas 51 unit = @Rp.1.775.000,-

*Belum termasuk biaya kirim, biaya paking pallet, dan biaya komponen set penyangga modul.

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